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Alex Trebek and Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

I am sure that any of you who watch television have seen ads with Alex Trebek talking about Colonial Penn Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance. Did you ever wonder if using Alex Trebek as a spokesman adds credence to the product? I would say yes.

First of all I have never met Alex Trebek but just watching him on the TV game show Jeopardy he has always impressed me as a man of high integrity. I know Jeopardy is just a game show but Trebek is one of those people who exudes strong principles even as a game show host. In fact, I know someone who was a limo driver and once had the pleasure of driving Alex to the airport. He said he was one of the kindest and classiest celebrities he ever drove. So, now that I have established respect for Alex and my confidence that he wouldn't advertise something unless it is acceptable, is this Colonial Penn insurance a good deal for everyone?

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Retired or Retiring? Rescue a Dog!

I know many people have pets, possibly for decades. During more than 40 years of marriage my wife Peggy and I never had pets in the house. It wasn't that we had a problem with it. We were just too busy trying to raise 4 daughters. That can make affording some pets difficult.

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What do I miss as a retiree?

Uh... Nothing! I left that last day and never looked back.

Since I need more words than that to publish an article maybe I should talk about what I don't miss! Obviously the difference between being retired and not is the job so what I don't miss is all job related.

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Saving and Paying off for Retirement

So, when is the best time to start saving for retirement? The day you enter the working world obviously! Well, unfortunately, for many people this isn't obvious until they are suddenly near retirement age. For most people just finishing school and starting their careers retirement is usually one of the furthest things from their mind. They are young and don't picture themselves as senior citizens. Heck, in many cases their parents are not even quite there yet!

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When is the Best Time to Retire

Simple! 40! Retiring at 40 would be nice but for most of us not realistic. Well, if I stayed in the military I could have retired near that age! I was in the Navy from 1966-1970 and couldn't wait to get out. Now I look back and see the benefits if I had stayed in. Hindsight! Ugh! I was contacted recently on Social Media by someone I was in the Navy with but we went separate ways when we were discharged. It turned out he did the smart thing and went back in. Now he is getting a nice retirement. Good decision on his part!

So for the rest of us, when is the best time to retire? Good question.

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